Restorative Dentistry

BruxZir® Crown and Bridge

In certain clinical cases the traditional ceramic E-Max crown or veneers are not recommended. This would be the case with patients that are heavy teeth grinders, bruxers and clinchers. In the past, dentists would use gold crowns or porcelain fused to metal crowns for these demanding cases. Today, we have more esthetic and durable options with the use of zirconia. Dr Helal recommends The BruxZirR solid Zirconia crown. It is the number one prescribed zirconia crown which is strong and durable enough to be used in cases such as severe bruxers and teeth grinders, thus lessoning the chance of crown fracture due to the extreme forces of teeth grinding. The BruxZirR crown is an excellent esthetic alternative to both the traditional porcelain fused to metal crown and the gold crown.

Thermo-Guardâ„¢ Occlusal Night Guard

Teeth grinding and clinching has the potential to severely damage teeth, dental restorations, joint and muscles in some patients. To reduce or prevent the harmful effects of teeth grinding and clinching, Dr Helal recommends the Thermo-Guardâ„¢ occlusal night guard.
The Thermo-Guardâ„¢ is thinner than the traditional hard/soft guard and is still durable enough to withstand the extreme forces of teeth grinding and clinching. The guard is comfortable, self adjusting by placing under hot water and is less bulky compared to the traditional hard/soft guard.

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